• Mariah is always happy tp help out with the new wolfdog babies .

  • Our old boy Stormy..  Stormy came yous from Norman animal control . He escaped his owner who did not have a license to own him, He had run lose around Norman for

  • about a month , being cached with golf clubs and brooms when he tried to eat pet food off peoples porches. We don,t

  • know for sure how old he was when he came to us but he has been here for 21 years. 


          This is Angrboda She was born one of our rescues . Though  she is not pure wolf she is very much wolf in personality. Angrboda  has jut become a mother to a litter of three little girls I will be posting pictures of them soon.


    At this time we are home to 5 black bears among other fur members of the family

5 Of the bears are former circus bears. They all get personal room service and attention from Bear Man.

     Thanks to Mazzio 's pizza in Norman the bears get lots of their favorite food Pizza . Yes they love the food of human teenage kids.